SEDA Malaysia Feed-in-Tariff(FiT)


About SEDA Malaysia

 The Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) is a statutory body formed under the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act 2011 [Act 726].

The key role of SEDA is to administer and manage the implementation of the feed-in tariff mechanism which is mandated under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 [Act 725].


What is Feed-in-Tariff(FiT)?

Malaysia's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system obliges Distribution Licensees (DLs) to buy from Feed-in Approval Holders (FIAHs) the electricity produced from renewable resources (renewable energy) and sets the FiT rate. The DLs will pay for renewable energy supplied to the electricity grid for a specific duration.

By guaranteeing access to the grid and setting a favourable price per unit of renewable energy, the FiT mechanism would ensure that renewable energy becomes a viable and sound long-term investment for companies industries and also for individuals.


How FiT Can Benefit Me?

Cut energy cost by tapping the unlimited energy source from the sun. Pay less today by installing a solar system on your roof top and the government reward you with cash for the green energy you generate.

Join the global green movement in making the environment clean, safe & sustainable for our future generations. A typical system can generate an average of RM600 per month for 21 years!

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